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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jul 22, 1998  7:26 am
Subject:  Re: Menu question

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:

> Also, rather than arranging it by country, it might be better
>just to have the menus available in any of the languages supported by
>SignWriter. For example, I know a hearing American whose two best
>languages are English and Mexican Sign Language (LSM). Why should he
>need to know Spanish in order to use SignWriter? Similarly, there may
>be native ASL signers who want to write BSL, but would rather have the
>menus in ASL.
> So instead of having to choose from a list with only two
>languages on it (once the other countries are supported), a user would
>be able to choose any two languages from the fifteen signed and eight
>spoken languages available. Can this be done?
> -Angus B. Grieve-Smith
> Linguistics Department
> University of New Mexico


Hi Angus -
This is an excellent idea and I agree with you - The flexibility you
suggest is the best. And yes, it can be done, although it may be some time
before we implement everything, since our programmers are very busy people.

As you know, this first beta-test version is only in one spoken language
and one signed language, to see if the program is working in general, and
then later we will make the program international again.

Right now in SignWriter 4.3 for MS-DOS, your suggestion can be accomplished
- People can work in Spanish, and use a Norwegian dictionary file. And...if
they know how to "rename" a file in MS-DOS, they can fool the program into
thinking that Spanish goes with Norwegian Sign Language - and you can mix
and match languages. But most people do not do this because it is not
"user-friendly" enough.

Obviously that has to change and it has to become user-friendly. So I will
follow your idea for future versions of SignWriter 5.0 - many thanks!

Valerie {:-)


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