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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2000  9:12 pm
Subject:  Re: How to write ... wrist-flexing, rotation movement

At 1:01 PM -0800 2/7/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Im in trouble. In order to offer my pupils day by day new SW -
>phrases I need your support again.
>Im afraid I misinterpreted the symbol for circular wrist movements.
>Today I realized that "circular " means "circular" and not half or
>quarter "circular" . Am I right? So when I had to use the symbol for
>armrotation (with the arm staying at its place) I used instead
>quite often this circular wrist movement. Im going through my
>dictionary - in order to fix it -


SignWriting List
February 8, 2000

Hello Stefan - and thanks for all your questions and attachments. I
am getting to them. You are not in trouble no matter what you do,
because your kids had nothing before you made the effort to learn
SignWriting, and now they have something...much more than most Deaf
children in Germany.

So do not take the symbols that seriously, since your children will
accept them as they are...

And if changes are made to the writing system in a year, you might be easily and accepting Deaf children will will
not hurt their language fact they will learn that creativity
has to be molded to be useful, and cannot be learned overnight.

In regards to Circular Wrist Movement...yes those are real circles -
and the Rotation Symbols are used for quarters of circles...

But don't think we at the DAC are perfect - ha! Not at all....

You can find lots of tiny errors like that in our ASL dictionary -
the three Deaf authors of our little dictionary had the same issues!
So I will be combining three different people's questions together,
and yours about wrist flexing is part of that...the diagrams are a
lot of work...I am not done yet and I keep getting phone calls!

More soon -

Val ;-)

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