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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Wed Feb 9, 2000  12:40 am
Subject:  Re: ...LUC...

It sounds to me like you are simply inventing another language. What you are
describing as feelings and ideas is what we do instinctively in whatever
language(s) we use. The grammar and words, etc are part of a history of a
culture's representation of those feelings and ideas in a concrete format. Our
view of the world is very
much affected by the language(s) we use. For example, an Eskimo/Inuit has
multiple words for snow, each having important distinctions to him. His view
of the Artic tundra is vastly different from mine because in the languages I
know, there are no such distinctions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I
understand that Japanese for
example has a word for hot water and cold water, but nothing to just say
"water" itself. Linguistically, they are "trained" to think in those
categories. Add to that other language categories such as in German or Spanish
where every noun has some "gender" associated with it. Or in some languages
where you make a distinction
between singular, dual and plural. Another example is in Greek. The Greek
language has an aorist tense which simply refers to the action occuring without
reference to its duration. It also has a continuous past and a continuous
present. Or take ASL for instance which has modifications to a verb that show
continuous action,
periodic action, action over a long period of time, etc. Each of those
languages form a set of "concept boxes" for the lack of a better term. The
more we learn each other's languages and perspectives our concept boxes get
stretched and we are able to understand other people's concepts. But, how to
encode such a wide range of
parameters in a 32bit coding scheme is quite an ambitious project. I wouldn't
even know where to start. But no matter what you do, you will have to deal
with the words, grammars, and languages because that is how our concepts are
created and stored in our minds. Just like that handshape that Valerie had to
explain recently,
there will always be new perspectives or concepts that will cause us to adapt
our concept boxes to consider that new perspective.

I wish you good success in your project. It is quite ambitious and would be
beneficial in the communication process. But a universal language, whether of
words, codes, or feelings, will always face formidable challenges so long as
there remains the 6,000 plus languages around the world and the vast multitude
of cultures that
accompany them.


Marc Bode wrote:

> Dear Stuart,
> for me, meanings have rather to do with feelings and ideas than with words or
grammar. Words and grammar are made for communicating issues like them.
> My vision:
> Communicating them on an international level without having to learn many
different words/grammars/languages.
> To begin the project, I want to start with meanings of basic life and USE
them through LUC. More advanced development I will think about later, after
experiences with the basics.
> P.S.: I could not find your attachment.
> In the text was only a "[image]"
> Marc
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