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From:  Marc Bode
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2000  5:16 pm
Subject:  Re: ...LUC...

Dear members of the list,
I am sorry of mistyping SIGNWRITING is language-dependent. It shoud say
"language-INdependent" in the following paragraph:
My intention is, to find a common base to present different SIGNINGS
(language-dependent) through SIGNWRITING (LANGUAGE) (language-depentent) by
storing in so called LUC (whether you call it code or language or what ever),
so that it is quite easily presentable in languages like English or German
through ASCII or UNICODE or ...

Dear Valerie,
thanks a lot fior all your links and the GIF you sent me! I will have a look at
the program.
....Learning another language... no time for this. My income in January was
only 5$. But I will use SignWriting.
Jeffrey is the name of the child. I have not seen him in the last month, but
will get in contact with him soon again.

Hello Wayne,
thank you for your Taiwanese Sign Language GIF!
You do not know, what I am trying to create?
Well, I myself do not really know!! That is the reason why I am talking with
all of you.
I only know, that it is necessary and that I HAVE TO DO IT !
A very good friend of mine, Balduan Springmann (Co-founder of the Green Party
in Germany), now over 80 years old and still physically working in the fields,
once said to me: "If I (Balduan) can not explain my ideas to a child, so that
it can understand them clearly, then I understand them myself!"
It is a great joy to talk with him, but also he is on the way to become more
and more deaf!

Dear Stuart,

for me, meanings have rather to do with feelings and ideas than with words or
grammar. Words and grammar are made for communicating issues like them.
My vision:
Communicating them on an international level without having to learn many
different words/grammars/languages.
To begin the project, I want to start with meanings of basic life and USE
them through LUC. More advanced development I will think about later, after
experiences with the basics.
P.S.: I could not find your attachment.
In the text was only a "[image]"

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