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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Feb 10, 2000  8:14 pm
Subject:  Re: one gap - two gaps

Dear Valerie,
thank you very much for this quick response.

It helps a lot. You may be right that questions of this kind arenīt too
important for accurat SW. Nevertheless it helps to work on my own questions
- itīs my way of learning and understandig. Step by step ...
Your attachments are great. Iīm looking for examples in DGS that represent
curved movements and rotation movements. Iīll show you later.

Today we had really a geat time. In order to find words of the alphabet A -
N - Irina worked with SW 4.3 and printed out a wonderful list - she was
very happy to find already so many SW - words in our dictionary. She has no
problems at all to remember the procedures for copying SW - symbols from the
dictionary into the new file.
Today we looked up several signs for bathroom - "things" . First we had a
look at a CD - afterwards we checked the SW -transcriptions - So now the
pupils are enabled to use these symbols in order to refer to the things.
Reading SW in the first grade happens almost with no effort. They look at
the sign and try to identify it as a whole "Gestalt"
Itīs for this reason that I wish to help them as much as possible by
presenting correctly spelled signs.

Thanks for you support.

Stefan ;-)
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