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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Feb 11, 2000  6:57 pm
Subject:  Writing Hearing Person's Gestures

At 1:20 PM -0800 2/9/00, Joe Martin wrote:
>Hmmmmmmm. It used to be that anthropology
>people only paid attention to speech, and didn't bother to write down the
>context of the conversation... accompanying gestures...any of that stuff.
>They just wrote down the sounds, using an alphabet. Today, this is
>considered to be not good enough, so the problem is to find a way to
>transcribe all that along with the actual speech. People are experimenting
>with all sorts of ways, including Dance Notation....haven't heard of
>anyone applying the Sutton Movement Writing System to this problem.


SignWriting List
February 11, 2000

Hi Joe -
Thanks for this question. I assume you are referring to writing
hearing person's gestures?

As you know that was the first thing recorded in SignWriting back in
1974 at the University of Copenhagen. Lars von der Lieth and his
research group at the University hired me to sit in front of a
videotape machine and record the difference between hearing and Deaf
people's gestures - it was really more like writing body language in
many cases, when it came to hearing people.

So in other words, yes...SignWriting could be applied to writing the
body language that accompanies spoken languages, but the question
is...who would want it? smile...

Val ;-)

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