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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Feb 13, 2000  5:08 pm
Subject:  Re: SpellCheck Request

SignWriting List
February 13, 2000

Please see the attached sign in ASL for INVOLVE or INCLUDE.

Number 1 is Stuart's - you wrote it correctly!

Numbers 2 and 3 show other versions of signing it and writing it.
Number 2 shows a wrist circle, and Number 3 shows an arm circle
instead. These are dialectical or style differences in signing the
same sign...all three are correct depending on how you sign it and
where you come from....

Number 3 is interesting. It eliminates writing the flat hand with
spread fingers, that starts the sign, assuming that it can be read
anyway, since how else could you reach the second position without
having some kind of an open hand to begin with?

In SignWriting, you can choose to write both the beginning and ending
positions of signs, or you can eliminate one position if you feel it
can be read that way.

In Number 3, writing the second position only....the sign in that
case starts with movement symbols when one looks up in dictionaries
under the SignSymbolSequence.

Lots of interesting issues with all these spellings! ;-))

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