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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 17, 2000  2:40 pm
Subject:  Re: Books Published In Spain on SignWriting

On 2/16/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>SignoEscritura helps a lot for another description of the same
>issue. There are lots of examples that help to understand. The
>worksheets and the summaries of different chapters do allow a kind
>of check - what do I already know - what´s to be learned next.
>That means - the two books a very very helpfull to learn SW . But
>without this email -teaching - support - all on my own here in
>Germany as the first one - it wouldn´t be good!
>So thanks again for your most welcome additional support.
>Stefan ;-)


SignWriting List
February 17, 2000

You are welcome, Stefan! No matter how many books come out on
SignWriting, there is always need for personal instruction, and I am
glad I can do this through email...

In regards to the textbook "SignoEscritura" by Steve and Dianne
Parkhurst in Spain, it is published by a publisher in Spain, so I
have no right to sell it ...nor would I want to...since I have enough
problems just fulfilling the orders for my own textbooks - ha!

So those who are interested, should write to Steve and Dianne
Parkhurst. Whenever you want to find a List Member's email address,
just go into the SignWriting List Archives and search for a message
by their last name, and you will find the email address in the header
of the message you found.

Meanwhile, I also know that Steve and Dianne are very busy people,
with a one-year old little boy I am sure it will take them
time to respond. All of the SignWriting books ...whether they be
published by the DAC or other groups...are usually printed in small
quantities because there are not enough sales to warrant printing
large quantities in advance. This means that all the authors are
stressed when it comes to orders for the books!

There are ways to remedy this problem...I am working on it now. I am
learning how to create .PDF files, which are created by a wonderful
program called Adobe Acrobat...which will make it possible to
download complete chapters of books from the web. Since we have very
little income, I will be asking for payment before people can
download complete chapters...after all....there are a great number of
free articles on the web right now, and I will continue to post
excerpts from books on the web that are totally free too....

So the .PDF files are something new to add to the choices on the web..

I know that some of you on this List might think that it is very EASY
to create .PDF files - well that is true if you have perfect
documents...but you wouldn't believe some of the problems I am having
- some of the photos in my old textbooks are not showing up in the
.PDF files...they are either damaged or were not created on a
postscript computer ten years now I have to re-do photos to
make it possible to have one chapter that works in .PDF! So it is
taking me longer than I wanted, to get .PDF files up on the web ;-)

Have a great day, everyone!!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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