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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 17, 2000  4:34 pm
Subject:  Re: First-Come-First-Serve Questions & Answers ;-)

>Valerie, this is weird.
>Up until these past few messages, I could open your messages directly on
>line, now the Macintosh attempts to open, but the PC, which I have, insists
>on saving it, rather than opening it in the mail program. Have you changed
>a setting, up until the past three messages it's worked just fine.


Hi Charles - No I have not changed anything - and I just checked to
make sure the messages came through correctly on my extra Hotmail
account - I have that account for this very reason - it is another
way for me to take a look at how the messages are received by

Anyway - all the messages I sent today are exactly as before, and
they all showed up -

If I understand it correctly, your Macintosh is reading them but not
your PC? Maybe you changed a setting in your PC...

If others had the same problem, then we might be able to trace
it....all of us have these problems on the internet - it is never
consistent because sometimes other software you are using can even
change the settings on you - I am not kidding - that happened to me
once - so there are definitely problems that have to be addressed

So I would suggest three things:

1. if others could not read my messages I sent today, please inform us...

2. if Charles is the only one, then Charles I think you should read
the online instruction manual that came with your email software, to
find out the settings that are required and check to make sure that
is all working...

3. And if that doesn't solve it, either always use the Mac or go up
on the Archives -

Meanwhile, the Archives web site is so busy right now it is hard to
get on - at least I had some trouble a few minutes ago - so such is
the Internet!

Have a great day, everyone!

Val ;-)

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