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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 21, 2000  6:28 pm
Subject:  How to Post To The SignWriting List ;-)

At 8:31 AM -0800 2/21/00, Ingrid Foggitt wrote:

>I thought to post this onto the SignWriting List in order for others
>to be able to read this as well but I don't know how to post onto the
>SWL so thought I'd do it the easy way and send it to you.


SignWriting List
February 21, 2000

Hello everyone -
Ingrid asks an important do I post to the
SignWriting List? I know it can get confusing...

Of course, one really quick way is to push the Reply button on any
message already posted to the SignWriting List.

But if you would like to post a new message, send your message to:



(both are correct ;-))

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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