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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 22, 2000  3:06 am
Subject:  How many positions do I write?

>Should I always write the beginning and ending position? - I think
>not, but I am not sure when I should and when I shouldn't...can you

Good question. Originally, we always wrote both the beginning and
ending positions, but after awhile it became clear that it depends on
the sign. Some signs require two positions, some require the
beginning position only, and some require the second position only.

So let me show you a series of attachments....I think this will
become clear as we go along, once you see some examples. This will
take several attachments, so keep patient and I will slowly give you
the answers....

The first attachment shows a sign for ANGRY in ASL. Notice how the
handshape doesn't change at all in this particular sign. All three
spellings below are correct. All three are the same sign. Most people
use number 2, writing the beginning position only, but none of them
are wrong:
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