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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Feb 23, 2000  6:33 pm
Subject:  Silly Problems with the Internet ;-)

SignWriting List
February 23, 2000

Hello Everyone!
All of your messages are absolutely wonderful!

Lourdes had a tiny problem with one of her messages sent to the
SignWriting was returned to her because it got sent I told her I would explain it to everyone for all of your
general information....

The internet is never perfect...

On the other hand, we are very lucky to have it. We wouldn't know
each other without it!

So to explain, sometimes the LISTSERVE software that runs the
SignWriting List, gets "jammed". This happens for a variety of
reasons ...maybe there were a lot of messages and it takes time for
the software to figure it all out...or maybe the technicians at
Humber College had to temporarily turn the messages off to check
something, or etc etc...

There can even be traffic jams at other colleges that then influence
the distribution of our messages!

So there are a variety of reasons why sometimes a message can take 12
hours to reach the List...and every once in awhile a message is
completely lost...once one of mine reached you a week later!

If you post a message, and then wait for it to appear, and it doesn't
appear and you get nervous and send it a second time....the LISTSERVE
software will send the second one back to you to tell you that your
first message has already been receiving, even thought it hasn't been
posted yet...

So Lourdes, we did get your message...just a little the
second one was a return of your second sending of the same message -

Hope this helps! Thanks for writing to me to inform me....

And last....if any of you have a problem and you can't read the
..GIF's sent to the SW List, just go to the Archives to read the
..GIF's - that is set up for you when there are Internet problems -
they can always be read on the Archives:

SignWriting List Archive

Have a great day everyone!!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


SignWriting List Archive

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Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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