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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Feb 27, 2000  7:48 pm
Subject:  Changing Symbol Sizes On Screen

February 27, 2000

QUESTION: "I installed Virtual PC on my Macintosh, and then I
installed SignWriter 4.3 and everything is working, except one
thing...the SW symbols seem too small to me...why is that?"

ANSWER: It has to do with "screen resolution", and it may be that
Virtual PC has fine resolution. It is easily corrected on the
Macintosh. Here are instructions:

1. Go under "Monitors & Sound" in the Macintosh Control Panel.

2. "Resolution" is what determines the size of items on the Macintosh screen.

3. So...under Resolution, decrease the number, and everything will
become larger. If you increase the number, things get smaller....

For example, my monitor is setup at this resolution:

1024x768, 74.9hz

But... if I choose the next lower resolution:

832x624, 75hz

....then the symbols get larger.

What is so fabulous about this, is that anytime you find something
too small to read on your screen, you can temporarily enlarge the
screen by changing the monitor's resolution, and then change the
resolution back anytime you want.

It is a great trick and it has nothing to do with Virtual PC, or
SignWriter is just a general trick to know about.

And I am sure that on Windows computers, there is an equivalent
ability to change monitor resolution.

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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