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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Tue Feb 29, 2000  9:46 am
Subject:  Re: Writing Songs

> On 2/22/00, Trevor Jenkins wrote:
>>SignWriting would be the ideal transciption scheme (a sort of signed
>>songbook) simply because HamNoSys and Stokoe notations are more cryptic.
> DanceWriting and SignWriting can be written directly under music
> notes...we do that in dance quite a lot, but it is very easy to place
> SignWriting under the notes too...

This has an appeal because it would help the song interpreters to fit with
the music. In our situation I think that most people do read music or enough
to follow the rythm. Though my preference would be to include the words
together with the music. This might make for a cluttered page but with care
should be possible to make it attractive.

> There is a much easier way to write the "visual rhythm" of signed
> languages in SignWriting, which I look forward to sharing with you
> very soon...

That will be interesting to see.

Of course, this dual signed and English approach has to accommodate the
different grammar rules of BSL when compared to English. SSE, whilst it is
used, is not the same as BSL. There are two camps amongst the Deaf those who
favour SSE and those for BSL. The signs may be similar but they are separate
languages. To some Deaf SSE is an imposed artifical language whereas BSL is
natural. But that's probably too close to Deaf politics for discussions on

Regards, Trevor

British Sign Language is not inarticulate handwaving; it's a living
language. So recognise it now.


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