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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Tue Feb 29, 2000  9:49 am
Subject:  Re: Writing Songs

>>Collaboration between us might be impractical because I'm working with BSL
>>and I suspect that you (Stuart) are using ASL. Although there are lexical
>>borrowings from ASL into BSL they are still very much separate and distinct
>>languages. Even SignWriting doesn't help with cross-cultural translation.
> --------------------------
> No...but placing the two translations of the same song, one signed in
> ASL and one signed in BSL, side by side, on the web...

That's an interesting idea.

> And Ron Detloff perhaps has written some hymns in ASL?...I don't know...

It would be interesting too to compare Ron's ASL version of the KJV Bible
with a BSL version. Except I don't favour the KJV; go more for contemporary
translations---even with the hearing. :-)

Regards, Trevor

British Sign Language is not inarticulate handwaving; it's a living
language. So recognise it now.


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