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From:  Steve/Dianne Parkhurst
Date:  Wed Mar 1, 2000  5:30 pm
Subject:  double headed arrows

Dear Valerie and list,

Valerie wrote
<<And please notice how I added an arrowhead on each end of the stem
line to show "up and down" with fewer arrows - again that symbol is
not in SignWriter 4.3 ...but when writing by hand there is no
problem. I actually added those arrowheads after I had created the
...GIF, in I pieced it together too.>>

We tried this with our students. Rather than having multiple arrows we used
double-headed arrows (an arrow head on each end). That works fine if
they're one-handed signs. But if they're two-handed signs, you need to know
if the hands move together or alternate.

One of our signs here in Spain for FIRE is the same as what Stefan has
shown where the hands alternate going up and down and twisting (but the
fingers don't wiggle). If you use double-headed arrows and the single tie
bar (like in Valerie's examples), it means that the hands move at the same
time, in unison (both hands go up at the same time and then down at the
same time). If you put a double tie bar it would mean that the hands
alternate (one goes up while the other goes down). I believe this was the
intent in Stefan's example, even though I don't know German SL. (Sorry, my
computer doesn't allow me to send graphics so I can't show you what I

Anyway, as I said, we tried this out with our students. We wrote the sign
for BIRD (wings flap) with double-headed arrows and a tie, and they
mis-read it every time, flapping one "wing" down when the other went up.
And these were the same students that said they WANTED double-headed
arrows. Since we found that they made more mistakes when they had to look
for the single or double tie marks than when they had to look at the
multiple arrows, we discourage them from using them. So what we teach is
that, yes, you can use double-headed arrows when you write by hand and want
to write fast, but it's better not to use them in final drafts of writing

That is just my opinion. By the way, I do like the double-headed arrows on
the head movements and things like that where there is no confusion.

Bye for now,
Steve :-)

Steve Parkhurst

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