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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Mar 2, 2000  7:31 pm
Subject:  Re: spider gymnastics -

Hi all,

Iīm sorry. A few seconds ago we noticed that I didnīt pay too much attention
to the left hand - palm has to show to the right side in the first and
second line! Excuse me !

So here is the second version.


>From: Stefan Woehrmann
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Subject: spider gymnastics -
>Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 09:46:23 PST
>Hi Valerie, Charles and listmembers ,
>there happened some very interesting thing.
>You noticed the question about the spider sitting at the mirror doing his
>I went downstairs and found a very ambitious spider who is doing his daily
>exercise in order to become a gymnastics teacher. His name is Jim (like
>gym) .
>I had a very close look and wrote down what I saw as exactely as I could.
>He sat at the wall doing his exercises - stretching his legs . Donīt know
>when he started. When I started to count he has already almost finished.
>Suddenly he started to slide down very slowly. He felt uncomfortable and
>tried to get hold again. He craweld up the wall and under the cealing.
>After a while he started to come down weaving a thread. Suddenly my son
>Johannes opened the door. The air pushed poor Jim from side to side - but
>he could survive. He came down further after a while but the air forced him
>to stop once more . Down at the bottom he ran to the left , stopped and ....
>believe it or not went on with his exercises . He didnīt stop until he
>felt completely exhausted with all legs spread down on the floor.
>I went upstairs to write it in SW. Have a look at my attachment.
>Stefan ;-)
>any comments are most welcome!

Spider wants to become gymnastics teacher.gif
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