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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Aug 25, 1998  7:49 pm
Subject:  Texas School for the Deaf

August 25, 1998

Hello Everyone -
Today I shipped two boxes of SignWriting books and videos to the Texas
School for the Deaf, Lower School. We donated 20 copies of three different
books, plus 9 videos and booklets, for all of the fourth graders and their

The same materials were sent to Caldwell Elementary School's Hearing
Impaired Program in Wichita, Kansas, last week. I have already heard that
some materials have been distributed there, and I have received positive
and very helpful feedback.

This is an excellent way to develop good materials. The teachers will tell
me what they need, and I will do my best to improve and add to the books,
and then supply them.

I am now starting to print 40 copies of three books for the Robarts School
for the Deaf in Canada.

As soon as all six groups have their materials for the fall, I will have
more time to be online! I am looking forward to updating our web site and
doing all those things I promised I would do...such as a dictionary online,
more lessons online and better software.

Have a wonderful evening -

Valerie :-)


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