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From:  Hope Hurlbut
Date:  Sun Mar 5, 2000  10:55 pm
Subject:  Re: spider gymnastics -

Dear Stefan,

Thank you for your "spider gymnastics". I had a good laugh at it. I enjoyed
reading your .gif.


Hi Valerie, Charles and listmembers ,

there happened some very interesting thing.
You noticed the question about the spider sitting at the mirror doing his

I went downstairs and found a very ambitious spider who is doing his daily
exercise in order to become a gymnastics teacher. His name is Jim (like gym)

I had a very close look and wrote down what I saw as exactely as I could.

He sat at the wall doing his exercises - stretching his legs . Donīt know
when he started. When I started to count he has already almost finished.
Suddenly he started to slide down very slowly. He felt uncomfortable and
tried to get hold again. He craweld up the wall and under the cealing. After
a while he started to come down weaving a thread. Suddenly my son Johannes
opened the door. The air pushed poor Jim from side to side - but he could
survive. He came down further after a while but the air forced him to stop
once more . Down at the bottom he ran to the left , stopped and ... believe
it or not went on with his exercises . He didnīt stop until he felt
completely exhausted with all legs spread down on the floor.

I went upstairs to write it in SW. Have a look at my attachment.

Stefan ;-)

any comments are most welcome!

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