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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 8, 2000  4:12 pm
Subject:  Alternating Finger Movement

On 3/5/00, Hope Hurlbut wrote:
>Dear Stefan,
>Thank you for your "spider gymnastics". I had a good laugh at it. I enjoyed
>reading your .gif.

SignWriting List
March 8, 2000

And I agree with Hope, Stefan. That was a charming message and your
writing was adorable ;-)

I know that you did not actually ask for my analysis of your writing
in the "spider gymnastics" attachment, but I did notice a detail that
may be frustrating you....regarding the Alternating Finger symbol.

In my attached diagram, Number 2 is a sign taken from your writing.
It is not correct. It should look like Number 1.

The single Finger-Trill Symbol cannot be placed over each
instead must be connected to mean all of the Alternating Fingers are
moving together in an "on-going alternating movement".

The single Alternating Symbol, which you used, can only be written
once near a handshape. A complete explanation of that symbol is in
the Parkhurst's textbook SignoEscritura, or look on this web page for
further explanation:

Single Finger Trills

In this attachment, I have included some of the diagrams from the web:

Type: image/gif
Size: 6k

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