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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 7, 2000  2:35 pm
Subject:  Writing Pressing Fingers Together

On 3/1/00, Charles Butler wrote:
>How does one write the position of two hands spread, facing each other,
>touching all five fingers to each opposite finger, and then flexing the
>hands. This is kind of the old children's mime of "a spider doing pushups on a
>mirror" and I am not sure how to show hands closing partway while still
>remaining in contact.


SignWriting List
March 7, 2000

Thank you, Charles, for your question.

Your word description and your writing of the sign coordinate well.
Below are three examples of the same sign. Your original writing is
Number 1, below. analyze it further....

Pressing Contact is already taught in the SW E-Lessons on this web page:

Question 0006: Pressing Contact

Looking at the examples below, Number 2 and 3 show different ways to
write the Pressing Contact.

It is best to keep the Tension Symbols close to the Touch Contact
Star, since when reading, the eye needs the "combination of the two
symbols" to mean "pressing".

Number 3 shows the "movement of pressing twice", with the feeling of
"In, In". Other movement symbol combinations will give other feelings
to the press action, so the arrows show the direction of emphasis:

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