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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 8, 2000  7:32 pm
Subject:  Re: Further News from South Africa

On 3/2/00, INGRID FOGGITT wrote:
>Of course, they have almost taken over the process themselves and I
>am like a `mediator' because they argue for HOURS over the right way
>to SignWrite an SASL sign, trying to change it from ASL to SASL.
>Amazingly, do you know that there are up to 11 different Sign
>Languages in South AFrica??? The regional, racial variations in
>Sign Language are enormous so, we can have up to 6 or 7 signs
>written in SignWriting for one word!!! The process is going slowly
>with what materials we have but it is also going very positively
>because some kids are using SW in English, to remember vocabulary.
>What I am going to do is a small experiment: I am going to do a
>list of vocabulary words (taken out of context of a story, of
>course) and we will do the meanings in English, without the SW
>additions as well. We will do a test on this. And then, we will
>do another list of vocabulary but with the English meanings AND the
>SW depiction as well. And then do a test. It will be interesting
>to compare the results?


SignWriting List
March 8, 2000

Hello SignWriting List, and of course Ingrid!

Thank you for the wonderful message above. Sorry I am so behind in
commenting on your messages, however I have accomplished a few things
on your behalf ;-)

1. I shipped a second box of SignWriting materials to you on March
4th. It will take about 2 weeks. When you receive it, you will have
one copy of every publication we have. I hope your students will
enjoy translating the materials ;-)

2. I have also posted three of your web pages as you know, starting
on this web page:

SignWriting In South Africa Directory

So that is a beginning!

Now...your next step, I would guess, is to learn the SignWriter
Computer Program. Have you installed it? Is it working?

Once you have installed the computer program, I think it would be a
great idea to create your vocabulary lists as dictionaries in the
SignWriter Computer Program. You could even create many small
dictionary files, each one being another vocabulary list.

Plus, if your students have access to computers, then you could
create a separate dictionary file for each student....or perhaps one
separate dictionary file for each of the 11 signed languages you
mentioned? Each language could have its own file.

Sooo...I will post some information shortly on how you can create
separate dictionary files in SignWriter...

By the way, my Norwegian friend Ingvild Roald, whom you met, and who
has used SignWriting in Norway for over a decade, is really thrilled
with your progress, having read about it on the web, and she sends
her best wishes to you -

As do I!

Good luck with your presentation, Ingrid ;-)

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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