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From:  Akehurst
Date:  Sat Mar 11, 2000  1:16 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting as a gateway?

what I see from this comment, it sounds like they would rather do all their
reading and writing in SW rather than bilingually switch between the two

That's not the case at all. What is the case is that for the few brief,
shining moments we are together...they relax and allow themselves to be, in
our secure environment, whom they are - Deaf kids usually steeped in a
hearing world. They enjoy talking, reading, thinking and feeling in their
OWN language, not mine, but none of them are self-delusional enough to think
it will be anything but a respite before they resume their harness and take
up, yet again (and quite admirably), the challenge of functioning in a
foreign language.

I have lived/worked/functioned as an adult in a culture not mine and with a
language that will never be mine (although I mastered a good chunk of it
eventually). I assure you, whenever I could, I grabbed a few moments of
grainy TV transmission that came through in English just for the sheer of
joy of relaxing for once. I loved learning my new language, but I was
always glad to encounter my own. I'm glad these children have a chance at
that feeling as well.

Kathy A.
Private Tutor
Ontario, Canada

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