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From:  "Angus B. Grieve-Smith"
Date:  Mon Mar 13, 2000  4:29 pm
Subject:  Re: Making QuickTime Video Clips

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, James Womack wrote:

> Let me not dare to presume to know more than Angie about Quicktime or
> Macs. However, I do believe that like IBMs, you must have a video
> editing program married to your video card. The card can't do anything
> without instructions from the software. To this end, I have Dazzler
> Video Creator, which came with its own video editing software, plus
> ULEAD Studio. Remove these and my 16MB Diamond video card, Dazzler
> itself, and my VCR to computer connection (for transferring video from
> analog into digital form on computer) would be just junk.

Well, no one's ever called me "Angie" before (except my mom)! A
video capture card will come with a software driver, but using the editing
program that comes with it is entirely optional. In my lab, we use Adobe
Premiere, which is an expensive editing program and definitely not bundled
with the video capture card.

> I am inclined to agree, but with a really good compression program and
> enough people who understand how to use it, maybe having Quicktime or
> MPEG files is not wholly bad. Maybe instead of putting them onto the
> list, put them on reserve in the SW website for people to download,
> thatway you can probably put two versions (QT and MPEG) so IBM and mac
> folks can use them.

I was about to suggest this as well. With my colleagues at UNM,
I've given up emailing video files as attachments, and just put them up on
the department web server. That way they're available for everyone to

-Angus B. Grieve-Smith
Linguistics Department
University of New Mexico

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