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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 14, 2000  2:52 am
Subject:  Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary

On 3/13/00, Fernando Capovilla wrote:
>This brief message is just to let you know that we have decided to
>include a new
>item in our BrSL dictionary (in addition to the already finished
>glosses-definitions-morphology descriptions in Portuguese, BrSL SW, real-life
>illustrations of both BrSL sign meaning and BrSL sign morphology): English
>The purpose is twofold:
>1) helping Brazilian deaf kids to use BrSL not only as a bridge for expanding
>their Portuguese vocabulary, but also as a bridge for creating their
>own English
>vocabulary as well;
>2) helping English-reading scholars and researchers who may be
>interested in BrSL
>learn something of it, and start doing comparative research on it
>(thus helping us
>Brazilian scholars and researchers with their knowledge and expertise).


SignWriting List
March 13, 2000

Thank you, Fernando, for your wonderful report. I am so happy to read
it! As always, you accomplish so much ....

So you are going to have a tri-lingual dictionary now, between two
spoken languages and one signed language....Portuguese and English,
and BrSL?

Wow...that is quite an undertaking...

The first smiling-idea that popped into my head was "What about a
quatri-lingual dictionary...adding ASL written in SignWriting, so you
would have a four-language dictionary (smile)....Portuguese, English,
BrSL and ASL....?"

(Please do not do this!...I am kidding.....I know your team deserves
a rest and an end to the project!! ;-)

You see, I have never really liked the English has too
many sounds!

And besides, English spelling doesn't coordinate well with the way
the words are pronounced...we need to update our spelling...and
English isn't nearly as vibrant and alive as signed languages
are....I could drown in the visual beauty and fluidity of signs, not
needing any spoken language ever....

And we foreigners have no right to complain and should learn
Portuguese and BrSL anyway!

But putting all kidding aside, please know how much I admire your
project and I hope the addition of English will open your book to a
larger market and in that sense, it is probably a wise choice ..

I haven't read all your message yet! But I am getting there -and will
respond when I can -

Please send my best wishes to your hard working team!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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