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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Sun Mar 12, 2000  9:02 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting as a gateway?


Folks, if you write fingerspelling, you are in fact wrting English in Sign
Writing. No matter how you slice it, you have taken the English alphabet,
an orthographic system for writing sounds and represented it in handshapes.
Those handshapes when strung together form English words, ergo, that IS a
Sign Written form of English. People, get over it, Sign Writing is a
writing form, not English, nor ASL, nor anything else, it writes human

Signed English, when used as signed English in classroom situations does
approximate English. The sentence given,

"My name is Joe" can be written in English letters or in fingerspelled ones,
If in four signs the sign "my" is NOT the same as "MINE" as it can be
fingerspelled M+Y as an M flipping into a Y, just like the sign "J+O+B" is a
reduced sign of English Job and is often used in ASL sentences.

Don't say that one cannot create a Manual English that uses signs as
concepts where they exist, and uses fingerspelling when they do not. That
is FACT, not Political Correctness.

Sign Writing is a writing system which writes human movement, it is NOT ASL.
One may want to say that English cannot be rendered into movement, but that
is just plain not true.

One may write English, one may write it using Roman letters, fingerspelled
letters, Hindi sanskrit letters, korean letters, any way you want.

Don't confuse the language with the transmission system in which it is

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