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From:  Wayne in Maine
Date:  Tue Mar 14, 2000  11:47 pm
Subject:  Re: Today's E-Lesson Posted

Someone wrote:
>Just a quick question---how do I turn the sign writing list off ?? I will
>be away for several weeks and dont want to accumulate hundreds of

Valerie -
Just a suggestion. I moderate a number of lists through ONEList, and
used to get lots of questions like this which I know you have answered a
gazillion times in the past. I discovered that I can set up my lists such
that every message is followed with a "trailer" which says, e.g., "To
To unsubscribe:
To change message options, goto
etc., etc., etc."
I suppose this could also be done through the signature file at the end of
each message. Is there a way that you can attach a trailer like this to
each message to remind us how these basic operations are done? That way we
won't need to bother you each time something comes up.
Just trying to lighten your load a little.
- Wayne

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