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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 15, 2000  2:48 am
Subject:  Information in Signature Files ;-)

On 3/14/00, Wayne in Maine wrote:
>I suppose this could also be done through the signature file at the end of
>each message. Is there a way that you can attach a trailer like this to
>each message to remind us how these basic operations are done? That way we
>won't need to bother you each time something comes up.


SignWriting List
March 14, 2000

Thanks for the suggestion, Wayne...those are excellent ideas. I used
to place a lot of information at the end of my messages in a
signature file, but two problems occurred.

First, if I use ANY signature file when attaching a .GIF file, my
entire messages show-up blank...not only in Hotmail, but also other
software as well. For whatever reasons, my signature files create
problems with attachments.

Now of course, when I am not attaching files, I can certainly use a
signature file...but believe it or not I got two complaints from two
members of the SignWriting List, complaining that my signature files
were too long and it cost them money to download so much! I couldn't
believe that one, since we have .GIF files that take a lot more
memory I would think!!

But such is life when running sounds like you are much
more skilled than I am!

As far as other techniques such as trailers...since I am not the
owner of the list, and since I know nothing about ListServe....(it is
not the same as OneList)...I wouldn't know how to go about that...but
I will ask Paul Cowley about it. I would worry about the .GIF
attachments with trailers too, though.

So what I really need to do, is to create a special web page for the
List, listing all of the instructions and commands. So that is
something I will do soon.

Meanwhile, what do you all think about this signature file? Your
comments are welcome...will it help if you need information?

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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