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From:  DTGrushkin
Date:  Wed Mar 15, 2000  5:45 pm
Subject:  Re: Research Periodical Specifically devoted to SW?

Fernando and others --

This is a very intriguing idea -- to set up a journal devoted solely to SW.
However, as Valerie pointed out, there is hardly enough research on SW to
support such a journal, nor are there enough advocates of SW. However, I
would suggest any persons interested in publishing articles (I plan to try
to do one or two myself, if I ever "get a round tuit") to try American
Annals of the Deaf, the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, or
even, when and if they ever get back in publication, Sign Language Studies.
Sign Language and Linguistics is a possibility, but I think they won't do
strictly education-related stuff (not to mention it takes FOREVER to get
something published in there -- I had an article that just now got published
that was 6 years in the making -- long story, but part of the problem was
the journal had problems getting started...).

--Donald Grushkin

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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 10:53 PM
Subject: Research Periodical Specifically devoted to SW?

> SignWriting List
> March 14, 2000
> Dear SW List Members!
> Please read this paragraph below by Fernando. He asks..."Do we
> already have an "International Periodical Specifically devoted to SW?"
> The answer, Fernando, is NO!
> We have not had enough research, until now, to warrant such a
> Is there anyone on the SignWriting List who would like to start one?
> I think it would be very important for SignWriting's acceptance into
> are right about that, Fernando.
> Although I am always happy to post articles on the web, the truth is,
> I personally have no connection to a University, and I think the
> SignWriting Reseach Periodical would have to originate from an
> institute of higher learning....don't you think?
> Val ;-)
> --------------------------------------
> On 3/13/00, Fernando Capovilla wrote:
> >PS: I would like to know if the colleagues know of an international
> >periodical on Psychology, Education, Linguistics, Speech-Language
> >Literacy, Cognitive Development, Neuropsychology, Special Education,
> >etc., that
> >might accept studies (whether empirical, experimental, or theoretical) on
> >SignWriting. I would appreciate very much receiving some references,
> >should the
> >colleagues be so kind as to help me with that. In addition, we might ask
> >limit ourselves to eventual articles scattered in periodicals not devoted
> >specifically to SW and deaf education. Why begging for space in generic
> >periodicals? Why not having our very own official SW vehicle? Perhaps
> >colleagues in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia (perhaps some
> >other country with
> >a strong tradition in publication) might want to start an
> >international periodical
> >specifically devoted to publishing papers on SignWriting (and its
> >relationships
> >with topics such as sign language acquisition, literacy acquisition,
> >development, deaf culture, sign language impairment in neurological
> >anthropology, speech-language pathology, school performance, etc. to
> >name but a
> >few areas). When such a periodical (preferably in printed paper) is
> >(pardon my ignorance, should there be already such a periodical), I
> >think we will
> >certainly draw the attention of more and more instructors and scientific
> >researchers, gather research and application funds from scientific
> >and educational
> >agencies, start international cooperative research efforts, reach high
> >consolidated scientific credibility and status, have our own
> >biannual meetings sponsored by both government and educational-consulting
> >companies (which might advertise their products for deaf education in the
> >periodical as well - ISAAC is perhaps a good role-model), and thence
> >policy-makers to give SW a serious try in the deaf school system.
> >outstanding achievements have humble but solid beginnings, and I do think
> >dedicated periodical would be just what we needed to go beyond at
> >this point in
> >time. (Again, I sincerely and humbly apologize for my ignorance.
> >There must be a
> >periodical that already does that even at local levels, and here I am
> >about reinventing the wheel... In that case I apologize again and
> >would appreciate
> >receiving some references.) That was just another cent. Fernando.
> >

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