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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Fri Mar 17, 2000  5:43 am
Subject:  The view from ringside

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Wayne in Maine wrote:

> >SEE and other systems have dealt with. Maybe a special accusative >case
> >marker???
> In modern English, "mine" is a possessive pronoun, substituting for a
> known noun ("That is her car and this is mine"). "My" is a possessive
> adjective which must be followed by a noun ("my car"). In Old English (yes,
> Beowulf and all that), "my" was indeed "min" which developed into modern
> English "mine" but lost its adjectival use except for a few fossilized forms
> ("Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord" starts out the
> Battle Hymn of the Republic). In any event, it would not have been nor is
> it now an accusative case marker. For first person singular, the accusative
> case form would be "me". Actually an accusative case "marker" would be like
> the Japanese particle "(w)o" placed after a noun to mark it as the direct
> object of the verb.


Joe loses another FULL POINT for saying accusative instead of possessive!
He is now trailing by 2 and a half points! Things are looking bad for

(it's hard to put up a good fight with *both your feet in your mouth. (:-(
However, he's not down yet; there's still some fight in him----see the
next post. :-)

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