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From:  Michael Akehurst
Date:  Wed Sep 9, 1998  1:57 pm
Subject:  SWL Project Materials

Hi Valerie, just a note to say I received the materials today and they are wonderful!  I really look forward to getting into them with the students.  I think we'd like the advanced lessons but then - that may just be me talking because I think this is so exciting!  We'll have to see how it unfolds with the students, as you mentioned.    It will be most interesting to see how they approach these lessons with their different learning styles.
I found the introductory materials to be very helpful to me, personally, and very easy to use and understand.  I can see the vast amount of work to which you have gone for this project and we're very pleased to be part of it.  I'm sure this is history in the making and, one day, we will be discussing how it was 'in the beginning' when SignWriting first began to emerge as an accepted writing system.
All the best, take care and look foward to 'getting at it' as soon as everyone settles down from the summer.
P.S.  Off added interest to you might be the fact that my four year old son seems quite fascinated with the videos!  I plan to include him in our sessions (as much as he and we can handle) to see what effect it will have on someone of his young age.  Could be very interesting.  He doesn't 'write' his own language yet, I'm wondering if signs might be easier in a way?  Stay tuned!  I'll let you know.
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