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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Mar 19, 2000  2:47 pm
Subject:  Re: Transcribing Japanese Sign Language

On 3/13/00, Bill Reese wrote:
>As such, my greater interest might be to serve as a facilitator. I could make
>AVI files of some of the video. I'm not sure if this is useful, though. I
>know someone who is planning to get an encoder, but I don't know if it works
>with SW or Japanese and she's a professional realtimer - may need to be paid.
>She has worked to realtime TV news. I also know a producer of a local deaf TV
>show. He may be able to give me ideas about using TV equipment ....

SignWriting List
March 19, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:

Thank you, Bill, for your message offering to help with videos. And
thanks, also, to the other members of the List who also wrote to me
to inform me about videos and computers and the long list of issues
that come with it!

Actually, I do not want to make videoclips and send them to the List.
I think that is a mistake for several reasons.

First, the clips take too much memory.

Second, not everyone on the SignWriting List has the equipment nor
the interest to learn how to use it.

Third, we already have beautiful videos. We do not need to complicate

I have already seen the excellent videotapes that Mark Penner, in
Japan, has created. The signs are sharp and clear...they are
professional quality videos. We are not talking about home movies!

I also have professional quality videos made in a TV studio. We have,
in other words, plenty of good video material to work from....

So in the next message, I will propose my idea for lessons in
transcribing videos through the SignWriting List.

Thanks again for all your offers for help with the technical issues ;-)

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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