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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Mar 24, 2000  2:29 pm
Subject:  Re: Documentary: "SignWriting In Deaf Education"

Dear Valerie,
thank you so much for your practical advice.
>Stefan...would you like your students to be videotaped for the program
>someday? If so, this is what you need to do:

Of course. Itīs just as Cecilia points it out: To document deaf kids working
with SW is just documenting their pride and smiles - it is worth it.

And I wrote the other day: It is hard to believe - you have to see - how for
example Linda is able to read complete orders written in SW in DGS . She
reads, signs , smiles , jumps up, does what she is asked to do - big smile
and her gesture : please write the next order!
It is a very new experience that her brain - that she is able to read
written materials although she isnīt able to read one sentence written in
German !!!

Well the pupils from my seventh grade class are doing simply great in

After I visited Dr Penny Boyes Braem at Basel I was confident to collect
The question is - what ? How?
I mean - just very very basic things:
I would love to get kind an overview what kind of tasks, actions, the pupils
in Albu... (what is the sign for that ? in SW?) could show during their

example: student signs his name and writes it in SW
student explanes basics of SW (wall - floor - gap - movement arrows)
students draw some examples regarding different symbols of SW ..

Can you help -

May be - Cecilia - did you have a kind of programm what to do first - then -
then - ... ?

>1. Call a local TV station in your area in Germany. Ask if they have
>someone who could be hired to come to your classroom to tape your students
>working with SignWriting. If they cannot, maybe they know of another
>professional group that can do it. Then give me their name and address and
>hopefully a phone number and an email address. I will then talk with them
>about how much they will charge. I will make the financial arrangements so
>they are paid from our noprofit in the US. Or maybe they might even donate
>it, as a service to the Deaf around the world...either way I will make sure
>it happens...I will tell them the formats we are using, so our equipment
>and master videos coordinate.
>2. Then you will need to clear it with your school's administration, and
>also with your students and their parents. Be sure everyone wants this.
>This might be shown on TV stations around the world for years to come...

Shouldnīt be a problem I guess. All the parents show great exitement!

>3. Professional videoing of that kind does require good it
>would be a little like your children are on stage....actually if you had a
>true presentation set up so that everyone in the school would come to see
>it too...then all the fuss over lights and cameras would be fun for the
>whole school and they would find it very exciting ;-)
>I hope we can also do this in South Africa and possibly in France, as they
>start to get going...
>So would you want your children to be a part of an historic documentary
>video of that kind? It could be distributed around the world, once it is
>ready, and will serve an important purpose, showing others that SignWriting
>can be successful in the classroom...

There are visitors or guests very often. So the students become familiar to
demonstrate their new ability. No problem ....

>I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to have their
>classroom participate ;-)
>Best -
>Val ;-)

SW is simply great - we love it !

Stfan ;-)

>Valerie Sutton
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