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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Apr 12, 2000  1:14 pm
Subject:  Award from

SignWriting List
April 12, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members:

Back on January 31st, our SignWriting Web Site received an award from As you know, the Encyclopedia Britannica is an
excellent educational resource. They have now placed their
encyclopedia online as well, and they want to link with other
educational web sites.

And perhaps you have noticed that we have no flashing advertisements
on our SignWriting Web Site.... I have done this purposefully, so
that the SignWritingSite remains educational and not commercial.

That means that we are not getting revenue from our web site the way
that other sites do...most web sites support themselves by selling
advertisements to strangers.

Somehow the idea of having flashing ads while Deaf children are
trying to read SignWriting really bothered me, and so even though we
need the revenue, I have chosen to keep our site "educational" in

So I felt honored when such an important educational site as chose our site for an award.

Their message to me was particularly nice. Here it is:


January 31, 2000

To the Webmaster of the SignWritingSite:

Our editors have selected this web site as one of the best on the
Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of
content, presentation and usability. With this award, we wish to tell
visitors to the SignWritingSite, that
Britannica editors have rated yours one of the most valuable and
reliable on the Internet, in the company of an
elite group of Web sites. We know quality is always difficult to
accomplish and maintain. Congratulations!

Regards, The Staff at


Val ;-)

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