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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Apr 17, 2000  10:40 pm
Subject:  Projeting Limbs Part 1

At 2:01 PM -0700 4/17/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Hi Angus, Hi Bill and hi to all other experts in breast strokes -
>I was so amazed to read your detailed descriptions. I went down to the
>cellar. - You know - the spider with his push- ups
>He told me, that both of you did an excellent job on this. Maybe that our
>sport students get misinformed if they are asked to practice a different
>position of the head - facing the bottom, the palms while the arms strech
>forward - parallel palms down -
>Would be great to see some gifs - can you arange that ?

SignWriting List
April 17, 2000

Hello Everyone!
I suspect I am the "sports student" grin....but that is OK! Yes, your
word descriptions were great...

Now we need to learn some SignWriting. Most of the time, arms do not
stretch straight forward in SignWriting. Writing the real motions of
swimming is usually not what happens when signing, however, either
your student Danny is doing some "gesture" to illustrate something,
or else DGS does stretch the arms straight forward. Certainly not all
signed languages are the same...and I have written some signed
languages in the South Pacific that did everything, including
squatting and going down on the knees etc...

Therefore I am now going to introduce you to "Stanley The Stick Figure":

Type: image/gif
Size: 6k

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