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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 18, 2000  5:24 am
Subject:  Re: Received Japanese Videotape ;-)


SignWriting List
April 17, 2000

At 3:53 PM -0700 4/15/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>I got the tape. Sorry for the delay but I wrote my message directly
>to Mark to Japan.
>Unfortunately the video is in a format that canīt be played in my
>recorder Vhs -Pal
>I went to a shop and asked them for the favour to copy it into
>another format .
>The quality isnīt the best - due to this process - but I hope that I
>can see clear enough whatīs going on. I can play the digitalized
>video now from my computer. That helps a lot to freeze the picture -
>donīt know how I should be able to see anything without this help.

Oh..that is too bad about the PAL versus NTSC formatting of the video..

I had to learn about the seven video formats when we started
distributing videos internationally...I think our biggest expense is
the copying of our master videos onto PAL and SECAM (France's video
format)...but Japan and the US share the same video format (NTSC) so
it may be that Mark did not realize your format was different in
Germany...someday video technology will move over to digital and we
will have one video format for the entire world - that will be a
great help, but the transition between now and then is a big
one...all the TV stations have to change their equipment....

>We do write from the expressive point of view - that is o.k.? I know
>that you somewhere wrote that transcribing from videotapes we also
>could use the receptive - but I would appriciate in order to
>practice SW the expressive point of view.

No matter what "all roads lead to expressive"...In other words...we
only publish in the Expressive View, Stefan, so the end result will
always be an "Expressive Document" in SignWriting.

However, there are many different techniques to arrive at that end
result, and one of them is to use the Shorthand while watching the
video. The Shorthand is done at speed - very fast, and that has to be
"receptive" because you are writing what you see. Then later, you
change the handwritten notes to the final expressive document.

However, I do not have to teach you that way...just because I do
things that way myself! My writing system is not based on knowing
what is said, as you is writing how it is executed - there
is a big difference...and I am used to transcribing videos
receptively...but there are several other ways too.

Meanwhile, I don't know if Joe Martin received the video or not...?

>Another interesting thing is that I canīt use my dictionary - the
>within the first scene there are almost 2 or 3 signs that were
>familiar to me !

That's too bad! Well...after we do some of the Japanese tape, we can
move over to some poetry in ASL that is close to being theater and
mime, as well as signing - Kevin Clark did a great job on the poem ...

But first we must do some work for Mark, whose donation is greatly
appreciated... I am sure we can learn from the experience....

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