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From:  Bonnie Collins
Date:  Tue Apr 18, 2000  4:18 pm
Subject:  SW-L through egroups


I did not intend to give the wrong impression regarding joining sw-l through
egroups. I am not actually sure that you can join sw-l through egroups. I
think, and again I may be wrong, I only had access to the archives through
egroups but no posting capabilities because I had not actually joined the sw-l
list through Humber College.

I believe this was the crux of my problem, I thought I was a member of the list
as I was receiving the digests but whenever I tried to post it did not show up
on the list.

In fact I just tried again to post to the list through egroups and although it
accepts my message it does not appear in the message archive and I am assuming
not in the digest (sorry list members if you get this twice!)

Thanks for your assistance and patience getting me straightened out.

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