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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Apr 21, 2000  12:56 pm
Subject:  Re: Wonderful features with Ghost!

At 10:04 PM -0600 4/20/00, Jerry Spillman wrote:
>Some of the printed "typed paragraphs" had some defective (although
>readable) letters, and I suspect this is due to the font in the
>signwriter program not converting well to postscript.

>Valerie, I will make space available on our ftp site for any .pdf format
>dictionaries folks want to place there to be available for download to
>others, and advertise each dictionary on our ftp selection page on the
>SignBible Site. Any that are ready to load, please attach to a personal
>email and send to me.

SignWriting List
April 21, 2000

Thanks Jerry!

Actually, we have not gotten to dictionaries yet - that is much more
complicated I believe and we have to talk about that later. Right
now, I want to see some of those tiny symbols in Format 3, or 4 or
5...and then move on to the PDFing of dicitonaries, which are printed
from an add-on program called the Dictionary Manager in SignWriter.

The defective symbols you mentioned above means there was something
wrong with the PDF process, but not when we print from laser printers
directly in postscript from SignWriter. The symbols are always
flawless and unblemished. I think we need to try for better
resolution when we make the PDF files - I still have to learn all

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