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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Sat Apr 22, 2000  4:06 am
Subject:  Re: email.sgn to email1.pdf

Dear Valerie, Angus, and List,

Mr. Angus, this is awesome, at least.  Following your instructions again, I was able to convert Pastor Dettloff's EASTER.sgn to Easter2.pdf in very short order.  And following Valerie's patient advanced instructions [advanced because I was too retarded (as in fist to forehead) to read them carefully the first time], I was able to use Format 6 and make a very comparable file to our


except, now it is black on white and a little smaller at startup. In size, it takes up half the room that the .gif images do, [113k as opposed to 212k] and is much quicker to make into a presentable form.  You can view this new file (if you have Adobe Acrobat or GhostView) or download it from a temporary page I placed on our site at:


You have to enter this site manually, sorry, no links from other pages into it. You can click this one and it will work.

I found some minor difficulties with the computer handling as much going back and forth and maintaining resources, and installed an old shell= command in the config.sys with /e:1024 to provide a little more environment space, and had no further problems with that.  The Bin and Lib directories you referred to on my unit were installed at C:\Aladdin\GS6.01\bin and C:\Aladdin\GS6.01\lib, and the command line operator really worked quickly.

I could not find the settings 1.2 or 1.3 on GhostScript that another member mentioned in his email. I suspect that v. 6.01 may not avail that choice.  It could be a postscript command, also, and I am not yet versed on that.

Angus, I have a new question.  If you have checked the 19a site above , you notice that the file is originally presented 90 degrees CCW.  Is there a way I can cause the original presentation to hit the screen landscape, or are we stuck with having to rotate it manually ?  Not a biggie, just want to learn how to be excellent with this if possible.

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