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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Wed Apr 26, 2000  9:35 am
Subject:  Re: Reading Manuals

Hi Bonnie,

good to know you on the SW - list.

I love to hear from your problems because that is the way almost everybody
starts with it.
Iīm not well informed - excuse me_

Do jou have the manuals - which of them?

I am working through all of the materials and manuals several times - and
according to my level of competence I can get more and more out of them.

Valerie - you did an excellent job to describe every little step - from the
viewpoint of a person who starts with working with computers.

>From: Bonnie Collins
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Subject: Reading Manuals
>Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 16:57:29 -0400
>Thanks for the reminder (and very kindly delivered) that you wrote the
>manuals for a purpose. You are right there is a wealth of information
>contained within the manual. Alas, I will have to put all this aside
>including trying to spell "hammock- attached-to-trees" until I get these
>papers written.
>I have moved onto paper number two which covers ASL discourse analysis. I
>am in the midst of transcribing Jack and the Beanstalk as signed by a child
>(transcribing a child's ASL discourse is so much different than an adult's
>- I am trying my best to capture her depiction of the giant walking).

Iīm surprised that you are already able to transcribe videos!!!
What do you think - "is so much different ?

Both are moving - but regarding the adult - we asume that he signs correctly
- just the movements we expect. In contrary the child moves in a way we have
to look very close ...
But thatīs no difference with other SL - Iīm afraid so. Looing at a Japanese
signer I canīt "understand" anything. I have to learn to understand movement

>After I finish with my paper I was hoping that I could post a few excerpts
>of my Jack and the Beanstalk transcription attempts for review.

How can we get the video - in order to communicate about your transcription?

It would not be for a while because I have to work through the manual first
and gain some competence with the software (in the meantime I have reverted
back to pencil and paper).

Yesssss, good idea! ;-)
From my point of view - itīs not a question of how to type and work with SW.
No way-
Itīs a question of what do I see and how can I write this particular
movement and ... all the other important aspects that makes this movement a
SignLanguage ;-)

I learned a lot from the excellent paper of Joe Martin _ comparing Stokoe
and Sutton SW . Congratulation !!!
By the way - when I focused on writing by paper and pencil I learned a lot
from just copying signs from printed papers (Goldilocks etc..)

Iīm happy to know about you . Keep on asking spelling questions. This way we
all can check our own abilities. And as I experienced so often in the past -
asking a little (??) questions opens a whole lot of problems.

Have a great day! And keep on ... ;_)

I`m not informed. When did you start SW?

Stefan ;-)

>Please let me know if this would not be an appropriate approach
>to learning Sign Writing through this list.

Just follow the "how to spell "questions and have a look at the emails
-teaching - list on the homepage!!

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