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From:  Bonnie Collins
Date:  Tue Apr 25, 2000  8:57 pm
Subject:  Reading Manuals


Thanks for the reminder (and very kindly delivered) that you wrote the manuals
for a purpose. You are right there is a wealth of information contained within
the manual. Alas, I will have to put all this aside including trying to spell
"hammock- attached-to-trees" until I get these papers written.

I have moved onto paper number two which covers ASL discourse analysis. I am
in the midst of transcribing Jack and the Beanstalk as signed by a child
(transcribing a child's ASL discourse is so much different than an adult's - I
am trying my best to capture her depiction of the giant walking).

After I finish with my paper I was hoping that I could post a few excerpts of
my Jack and the Beanstalk transcription attempts for review. It would not be
for a while because I have to work through the manual first and gain some
competence with the software (in the meantime I have reverted back to pencil
and paper).

Please let me know if this would not be an appropriate approach
to learning Sign Writing through this list.


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