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From:  Michael Everson
Date:  Wed Apr 26, 2000  2:01 pm
Subject:  Testing the fingerspelling fonts

I need volunteers to test the new fingerspelling TrueType fonts. The font
is of my design, called "Sutton", and each of the fingerspelling fonts is
identified by the ISO 2-letter country code appended to it. The fonts will
be made available in the following sequence; I need volunteers to test each
of them. Ones currently available for testing are asterisked.

Sutton US (USA) *
Sutton DE (Germany) *
Sutton DK (Denmark) *
Sutton CH-de (Swiss German) *
Sutton IT (Italy)
Sutton NO (Norway)
Sutton NI (Nicaragua)
Sutton FR (France)
Sutton MX (Mexico)
Sutton BR (Brazil
Sutton BE-fr (Belgian French)
Sutton ES (Spain)
Sutton PT (Portugal)
Sutton SE (Sweden)
Sutton GB (United Kingdom)

When you volunteer, write to me privately at and tell
me whether you use Mac, PC, or Unix and which font you want to test.

Michael Everson ** Everson Gunn Teoranta **
15 Port Chaeimhghein Íochtarach; Baile Átha Cliath 2; Éire/Ireland
Vox +353 1 478 2597 ** Fax +353 1 478 2597 ** Mob +353 86 807 9169
27 Páirc an Fhéithlinn; Baile an Bhóthair; Co. Átha Cliath; Éire

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