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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri May 5, 2000  3:12 am
Subject:  Flemish Fingerspelling Design Posted

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May 4, 2000

Hi Everyone -

You might enjoy looking at this web page:

Belgium-Flemish Fingerspelling Keyboard
Belgium-French Fingerspelling Keyboard

Notice how similar the two Belgian fingerspelling systems are...even
though they are connected to two separate spoken
languages...Belgian-French and Belgian-Flemish.

In my lack of knowledge about Belgium, I had assumed that the French
speaking part of Belgium used the "AZERTY" keyboard because France
does...I had connected the AZERTY keyboard with the French language.

And I assumed that the Flemish (Dutch) speaking part of Belgium would
use the keyboard layout that the Netherlands uses, assuming that the
language of Dutch would influence the typing system.

But I was wrong!

All of Belgium appears to use the AZERTY keyboard, no matter what the
language. Therefore, that means that just accross the border, in the
Netherlands, they type differently - with the symbol for A and Q in
another place.

Typing is not standardized around the world!

Even Denmark has one or two symbols switched from the Norwegian, and
they were once the same country....

By the way, the AZERTY keyboard means that the left six keys of the
second row from the top of the keyboard spells AZERTY, instead of
QWERTY, like we type here in the US.

Val ;-)

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