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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun May 7, 2000  4:00 pm
Subject:  Re: SW in Databases

At 2:00 PM +0000 5/7/00, Trevor Jenkins wrote:

>I think the problem is the "existing" SignWriter 4.3. I've not used it
>enough to make a definitive statement concerning its interoperability with
>other applications. From the context in which the original questions wer
>asked (moving SW dictionaries to a database) I think the easiest method is
>to create ad addtional utility that will extract the dictionary file into a
>(new) format suitable for importing into a database system (and
>comma-delimited might be suitable). The issue will be how to convert the
>SignWriter glyphs into a "blob" that can be loaded into any datbase.

>I'd need more experience with SW4.3 to suggest anything other than create a
>"dictionary dump" program.

SignWriting List
May 7, 2000

Hi Trevor -
Your idea of a "dictionary dump" program makes sense to me, and I
will definitely keep that in mind. It may be worth it...since it will
get people up and running faster.

By the way, I know that SignWriter 5.0 will be a joy to UNIX
programmers will be joy to others too, including me!
Unfortunately, that project is at a standstill at the moment for
several reasons, so that is why I am encouraging using resources we
already have...

It will also take some of the stress off of me...SignWriter 5.0 is
the kind of a program that a big corporation should be developing
with a staff of ten programmers, not for a small non-profit with one

I am thinking of calling Claris, the developers of FileMaker
software, to see what they could donate to us in terms of help with
the database software ...

I will keep you informed -

Many thanks for all you input!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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