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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon May 8, 2000  4:00 pm
Subject:  Sutton's Sign-Symbol-Sequence

At 11:21 PM +0200 5/7/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

>Well - in the future there are another four deaf kids waiting to join our
>group . I will teach a combination first and second grade deaf children - an
>the new pupils will have to learn SW and all the stuff from the very
>beginning. We are already the "experienced" and I guess my friends would bw
>happy about our very own and only and first SW-symbol -sequence - -- German
>As you know. I do have your Sutton's Sign-Symbol-Sequence dictionary . I
>should have again a look at it. But any additional advices are most welcome!
>Stefan ;-)

SignWriting List
May 8, 2000

Like anything else with SignWriting, it is important not to take any
suggesions too seriously. Remain flexible, since we are all learning

I am sure the Sequence will go through some changes later. At the
moment, we are using the Sequence laid out in the SignWriter Computer
Program, version 4.3.

That same Sequence is also used in the ASL Picture Dictionary.

Your students can have a fun project, trying to identify signs that
use the Index Finger. Start gathering those signs and writing them in
one SGN document. Then try to find signs that use the "Bent Index"
finger...start a new SGN document listing those signs and so forth.
It doesn't have to be a dictionary file, to be fun and creative.

To learn the SW 4.3 Sequence, go to the SignWriter Computer Program
Notebook, and look in the third manual, called
SignWriter-At-A-Glance. There is a section called "The Sign Keyboard"
at the end of the manual.

For example, here are the first symbols in the Sequence:

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