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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Mon May 8, 2000  10:29 pm
Subject:  Re: SW in Databases

Dear Valerie and List,

I throw in with Ingvild, you can use Excel as a database, you are just limited
as to how it is done, and how the queries are performed. And, I remember
something about using a part of it called Q&A to convert comma delimited
databases into the Excel format. I have been far removed from that part of
Excel for a long time, so could be out of
date on this.


Ingvild wrote:

> Valerie wrote on May 6, 2000
> >
> > Hello Everyone and Trevor -
> > Many thanks for the information about all of these database software
> ......
> > (am I right about this?)
> Even if Trevor is right about Exel not being a database program in the strict
sense, it is what comes with the ordinary Office paccage, and it can easily be
used as a database for simple functions (I do that a lot). Access has to be
bought in addition, and is not excately cheap (at least not here in Norway). So
I would not give in on Exel.
> But for the time being, I am happy to use the dict program of sw 4.3 ....
several thounsand of signs safely stored..
> Ingvild
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