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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat May 13, 2000  3:44 am
Subject:  Windows & SignWriter 4.3

On 5/12/00, Mike and Caroline Hines wrote:
>Just checking on the Windows version of sign writing--is it available yet?
>Thank you, Caroline :o)

SignWriting List
May 12, 2000

Thanks for your question, Caroline. No. The Windows version of
SignWriter is not ready yet.

But I would suggest....just in case you are waiting for the Windows
version...DO NOT WAIT FOR IT. Start using SignWriter right now.

I use SignWriter 4.3 in Windows everyday. I keep the MS-DOS window
open with SignWriter inside . I also use Macs, and on the Mac I use
SignWriter 4.3 too.

So right now, free to download from the web, is a working program
that is used all over the world, with sophisticated dictionary
features, and a 3000-sign ASL dictionary:

Download SignWriter 4.3

Plus you have full tech support from me, and a lot of other wonderful
List members who know so much ;-)

So if you do not feel confident with MS-DOS, do not worry, we will help you ;-)

Plus....there are some new developments...

We are working on ways to enhance SignWriter 4.3, by combining it
with other established programs, such as Adobe Acrobat and database
software. So SignWriter 4.3 will become more useful as these creative
combinations are documented. As they become available, I will be
providing instruction to SignWriter 4.3 users.

Plus, Michael Everson is designing a series of True Type fonts that
will make SW symbols available in other programs. The True Type fonts
will lead to Unicode in time, but like all major software
development, the Unicode of SW is bound to take several years.

Are already using SignWriter 4.3, Caroline? How is it going for you?

Thanks for your question -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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