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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue May 16, 2000  12:53 pm
Subject:  Problems with reading GIF files....

>And lo and behold! Wayne's way of posting .GIF files worked with my
>computer, while every other posted .gif file has come down as a page
>or more of gibberish inside (at the end of) the message. So maybe if
>more people posted that way, I would be able to read the signs
>without having to go to the archives??

>Ingvild Roald,

SignWriting List
May 16, 2000

Hi Ingvild and Everyone!

Thanks, Ingvild, for your great questions before....I enjoyed
answering them ;-)

Yes, the gibberish problem inside email messages is really annoying
and I am sorry to hear you are having that problem. In my case I can
read almost all attachments....but every once in awhile I too will
receive a message with gibberish those rare cases I go to the
archives, just as you have been doing...

The reason gibberish happens is because people have different kinds
of computers. That cannot be helped, but usually choosing the MIME
setting for sending and receiving attachments solves the problem. Is
your email software set to MIME?

Here are some tips...

1. Sometimes if you upgrade to the newest version of email software,
such as Outlook Express, then suddenly people can read the
attachments inside their email. Also use the most up-to-date web
browser, which can be downloaded for free these days, either on
Netscape or Internet Explorer's web sites.

2. Do not use the Digest Command...that will only give you gibberish.

3. Be sure to set your email to accept attachments as MIME. This is
very important. You should also send your attachments as MIME too.
That creates a universal format that most computers can read.

4. Or move your email to Hotmail, which can accept attachments and
can read everything because it is web-based. In other words, our SW
List Archives is web-based for a reason....GIFs are a good format for
the web, and can be read on the web.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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