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From:  Paul Cowley
Date:  Wed Sep 16, 1998  11:26 am
Subject:  Administrivia - Attachments and this List

Good morning folks.

LISTSERV, the software which controls the SW-L list is MIME Compliant
and is capable of sending attachments of the nature of that recently
posted by Charles Butler. "Santa Claus and the Helicopter"

However, many subscribers to this list are using mailer readers to read
the messages distributed to the SW-L which are not Mime Compliant.
Messages containing mime attachments, read by a NON Compliant mail
reader are one of the "ugliest things" you've seen.

DO NOT send attachments to SW-L

If you would like to share files via attachments, please make sure your
mailer is mime compliant ( send a message to me with the subject MIME
and I will send an attachment for you to check your mailer's capability)
and visit this url:

You can then subscribe to a list for the purpose of sharing files.

Up thumb, Paul Cowley "The Interpreters' Network"
Suite 230, 1326 Huron Street, London, Ontario, Canada, N5V 2E2

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346 Administrivia & Thank You Paul :-) Valerie Sutton Wed  9/16/1998

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