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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon May 22, 2000  9:55 pm
Subject:  Relaxing about learning...

At 11:56 PM -0400 5/19/00, Lorraine Crespin wrote:

>As they are early
>learners in this process maybe accuracy is less important at this point than
>ownership of their language and notation. Accuracy could be cleaned up later
>in the process. Anyone have thoughts on this?

SignWriting List
May 22, 2000

Thanks for this message, Lorraine. Nice to hear from you :-)

Yes, of course you are right. Relaxing with the students is more
important than accuracy, which has to take second place to the need
for creativity and enjoyment. Kids are amazingly flexible, aren't

And I can see by Stefan's response he agrees! ;-)

That was what really impressed me about your team's presentation in
Albuquerque last all seemed so relaxed and happy with
SignWriting...I bet that makes the kids feel good about learning...

In regards to some of the overly detailed discussions we have on the
SW List (smile)...

Part of it comes from an eager desire to learn together...after all,
if we are picky with each other, and not with the children, it
certainly is good to discuss such details...can't hurt for the
teachers to know materials backward and forwards! And it is good for
the me and the system too, because there are a lot of details that
have never been documented, and the E-Lessons are helping me
formulate my explanations - so we are all learning together! ;-)

And part of it is that the teachers in other countries receive the
same ASL materials, without knowing or using ASL. Since ASL is a
foreign signed language to them, the teachers have to start from
scratch to create their own dictionaries and stories written in
SignWriting. So they have the double-burden of teaching a new
subject, plus developing the materials simultaneously...

So the US teachers are in a slightly different position than for
example, Stefan in Germany...

Which brings up another subject - We could use some new literature in
ASL too - Goldilocks is getting tired - ha!

Meanwhile, there are quite a number of creative Signwriters now...for
example, Frosty the Snowman by Lourdes Tollette, Humpty Dumpty by
Darline Gunsauls, and Ivan the Giraffe by Nance Romero -

These could maybe be used in the Fall, in Albuquerque? What do you think?

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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